Friday, March 2, 2012

"PlayDate" at Pat's

Yesterday I played "Hookie" and I went up to Richmond to spend the day with Pat at Chadwick'sAs always we had a wonderful time and I was surrounded by inspiration. Pat's fabric collection has grown by leaps and bounds since I visited her last. Wall to wall loveliness in every color of the rainbow. Honestly, it's a bit overwhelming and I was like a kid in a candy shoppe. After taking it all in I decided to play with this gorgeous and very happy daisy print. How can you not smile when you see this??? It "told" me it wanted to be an "Olivia" which actually really surprised me because I wasn't planning on making yet another of these, but they are so much fun to make I thought "What the heck!" I  went into Pat's back room and set up shop and within a few minutes my machine was humming away. Pat and I visited and I got to meet with some of her guests and we talked and talked about sewing. Truly a treat. I had this one finished before lunch. We spent the rest of the day chatting and I looked through old issues of Sew Beautiful as well as Australian Smocking. Sadly, the day ended too quickly but not before I managed to pick out a few more fabrics that wanted to come home with me to be made into something extra special. "Olivia" will most likely become available next week. I just have to get a little more feedback and take Abby out for a photo shoot to get the cover photo and it will be ready to go to print!!! Hang on it's just a few more days. Until then you can begin to think about how you want to make your "Olivia's" and start picking out fabrics. Oh, if you are interested in these fabrics just give Pat a call and I'm sure she will be happy to take care of you!

Thanks so much for a wonderful day Pat!!! I'll be back to visit soon to "play" some more.



Gail said...

The dress is great! And how wonderful to have the day for a visit to Chadwicks! I have a big order from them that was shipped today. Lynne also pleated a bishop for me. Would love to have directions for the flower...

quiltmarianne said...

Olivia is beautiful but you were working on a sundress design. I believe you were calling it Aneliese maybe? Will that pattern be available soon?


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