Monday, February 6, 2012

1...2...3....4...5...6...7!!!! New Patterns For You!!!!


I told you I have been busy!!!! Here are 7 new patterns for you to play with. All the E-Patterns are loaded into my shop and the printed patterns will hopefully be here within the week!!! I'm exhausted, but there are still a bunch more to go. However, I really wanted to get these out to you just incase some of you are starting to think about Easter/Spring sewing!

I'm still working on upgrading my website and you will se some changes. You can now order the patterns directly from their page without having to go to the "order" page. I never liked the way it was set up but there were a bunch of HTML hiccups and I had to figure out a way to work around them. I still have a bunch of pages to complete so I apologize for the delay. I've been sitting here all day and now I really need to take a break. I will try to finish it up tomorrow but I know a lot of you were really anxious for some of these new designs so without further ado, here are 7 new patterns to play with!



Laurie said...

Congratulations Dawn! You've gotten a lot of hard work done!

Ronda said...

Oh thanks so much Dawn! Now I just have to decide which one I want to do first. Is there still a dicount if you buy 6 or 7 patterns or was that a one time only special? I need (want) several. I can here the sewing machine engine reving up!!! lol

Dawn said...

Thanks Laurie, yup and now I need a vacation!!!

Hi Rhonda, yes, if you buy 6 or more at anytime you will receive a 20% discount. You just have to contact me directly because my pn-line shopping cart won't support that soo you need to call or email me to do that.

Jeannine said...

WOW. You have been busy. Decisions, decisions, decisions.....which one should I buy?


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