Friday, September 16, 2011

The Case Of The Missing Bunny. . .

As if things at our house aren't crazy enough. Late last night when I was already asleep I heard lots of commotion in the house . . . Hmmm, something is happening. I hopped out of bed to see what was going on only to hear that once again Milo, our beloved cat had caught another baby bunny and brought it in the house. Thankfully, Abby, our resident animal rescue specialist managed to get Milo away from the bunny so he couldn't hurt it, or worse and Milo was whisked away to the garage by Ole. However, in all the excitement the bunny took off for cover and we all were up for hours searching for this little guy who is obviously scared to death and hiding someplace very clever. So, yes. . . I have a wild baby bunny loose in my house! We all stayed up until the wee hours looking for this little guy and finally we all just gave up. However, I bet you can guess what we will all be doing today. I am just hoping we can find him and get him back out into nature as quickly as possible. I told you it was never dull around here!


The bunny has been found and rescued! We discovered the bunny in Ole's office due to some very convincing evidence. Then began the long and exhausting process of cleaning out Ole's office to be able to catch the little guy. Once that was done we were able to pull out the sofa where he was hiding behind and within seconds Abby had him safely wrapped up in a soft little baby blanket and we were all just gushing over how sweet this little one is. Of course, I had to grab my camera for a few pics and then after locking up the cat Abby and Henry took the little one out into our yard and set him free. Don't you just love happy endings!!!


kathy said...

What a great story!

Laurie said...

Only at your house Dawn! The bunny is so cute and I see that Abby's front teeth have grown in.

Jan M said...

Yea for happy endings! I cannot believe it was so still for a little photography shoot! Precious photographs.


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