Friday, July 8, 2011

Time To Answer A Few Of Your Questions...

  1. *“What are the differences between “Natalie” and “Miranda”?” ~ 
This is probably one of the questions that I get asked the most and I would love to answer it here for you. Yes, they both have the same bodice pieces but, that’s honestly where the pattern similarities end. “Natalie” has the instructions for making the sash that comes out from the side seams and ties in a bow in the back where as “Miranda” has the instructions for making the full sash that goes all the way around the waist. “Miranda” also has the instructions for doing the inset bands in the skirt as well as all the detailed instructions for making the embellishments and “Natalie” does not. I created “Natalie” a long time before “Miranda”. When I was asked to create a truly special dress I took inspiration from “Natalie” but then took it to the next level. I had never really considered doing a pattern for “Miranda” but after I showed the photos of it on my blog the response was overwhelming and everyone insisted that I create a pattern for this dress as well, even knowing that it was similar to “Natalie” many, many people wanted a new pattern with all of the instructions for making the changes and how to do all the embellishing. 

  1. *“When will you be releasing the patterns that say “Coming Soon” ?" ~
This is a really great question. Sadly, I cannot give you exact dates. I make every effort to get new designs out within a few months. However, because some patterns are more complex those may take a bit longer to complete.

  1. *“Do you sell the fabrics you sew with?" ~
I am always so flattered when people comment on my fabric selections and say that they really love the way I put things together. Many of you have recently asked if I sell the fabrics that I sew with and I have always had to say “No”. That is going to change in the near future. Soon, I will be offering both sewing kits as well as a very limited quantity of certain selected fabrics for you to purchase from my website. 

“Do you sell sewing kits with your patterns and the fabrics you use?” ~
This question came as a big surprise and after I received so many inquires about it. I decided to add this to my offerings as well. The great news is I am not doing it alone. I have teamed up with several wonderful fabric shops both on-line and brick and mortar to bring you lots of choices. I will be working hand in hand with these shops to create adorable outfits using a variety of different types of prints to appeal to everyones taste. Everything from romantic florals and timeless solids to fun and funky contemporary prints. These kits will be available on my website as well as the shops that I am working with. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this exciting new venture.

  1. *“Is Abby always so poised?”~
I love this question and the answer is easy... “No! Abby is a spunky, outgoing and sometimes sassy 7 year old little girl and a true treasure. Of course, I say this because I am slightly biased, and I can do that because I am her mom after all. When we go on photo shoots we always have fun and there is a lot of laughter going on, but of course she is not always thrilled with me. Especially on days when it is sweltering hot and I dress her up in layers and layers of clothes. On those days, she is not always happy with me. But I promise, I am always quick and I know when she has reached her limit and we stop. Of course, because she is “working” I always “pay” her for a job well done. Because Abby is 7 her requests for payment are always fun and interesting. She has requested everything from lollipops to a butterfly net, and I am always happy to fulfill her wishes... However, that being said I am dreading the day she asks for a pony! We will really need to compromise on that one.

“Wow! You answer your own phone?”~
I think this is my favorite question of all! Yes, if you call you will get me live and in person! I am not a big corporation with staff or even an assistant... it’s just me! I do it all, and I am loving every minute of it!



Ronda said...

I love the question answer session and wish I would have asked about a flicker group to show off our creations made with your patterns. I think this would be really fun to see all the different styles and may help inspire us to make a dress a new way. Just a thought. I love your patterns!

tjpeltier said...

KITS!!!! That would be fabulous-I can't wait!!!!

julie said...

good things come in small packages not like some of the big your work.


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