Friday, July 1, 2011

Remember This One....

I received a ton of compliments on this version of "Meg" that I made up the other day ... Thank you! So, Abby and I both agreed it was too sweet not to have a modeled picture of it. But I decided that this little dress needed to have matching pantaloons to go underneath made from some cream cotton trimmed out with antique lace and then a simple little black satin ribbon and little bows. When all was said and done and I looked at the outfit all I could think about was one of our favorite books "Linnea in Monet's Garden".

See what I mean? Oh, how I wish I could have found a lovely spot like this to take photos but sadly we are not in the south of France, but rather the south of Virginia. We compromised with taking photos in one of the gardens of one of the historic homes in Yorktown. Not quite the same, but we made due. Plus, Abby was not nearly as thrilled as sweet little Linnea because once again her horrible mom dressed her up on a super hot day and she just about melted. I honestly don't know how all the early colonists wore all those clothes in the summer around here ... talk about roasting to death. Not to worry, Abby survived and I was very quick. Afterwards, she quickly changed into something cooler (the dress in the photos from the last post) and we had a fun rest of the afternoon. On the drive home Abby requested a simple butterfly net for her "payment" so we stopped by the Dollar Tree to pick one up. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing in our garden catching butterflies to add to her growing collection. She has a butterfly house where she is hoping the butterflies will "get married" and have babies. She is completely fascinated with them right now as we watched them change from caterpillars into butterflies recently. 



Laurie said...

Wow! This combination works well together.

Rettabug said...

Hello Dawn!

I just love what you've done with this pattern, the matching pantaloons to go underneath as well as your wonderful photographs of this beautiful child.

Every inch of it is very well done & extremely professional. BRAVO!!

I look forward to making it.

Fabienne said...

Hi Dawn! As a French girl, I love the fabric you used with the Eiffel Tower! It is just gorgeous! Can you tell me where I can get it? Thanks in advance. Fabienne

Dawn said...

Thanks so much ladies!

Hi Fabienne! Just hold tight and you just may be able to get it directly from me in a few weeks : )! I'm busy working on it!

Dana said...
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Dana said...

I have many of your patterns and I LOVE this dress! Strange quesion here, but where did you find the shoes??? I've been looking for a reasonably-priced pair of boots like these for my daughter (who is 6)!



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