Thursday, April 21, 2011

Playing Around.....

This morning I decided to play around with two of my favorite, and most popular patterns. I took elements from both of them and changed up the bodice quite a bit and here are the results. The big question, should I make this into a pattern or not? It's kind of a combo of "Sabrina" and "Lauren" with a few additional changes...maybe I should just leave it alone and offer this as a suggestion of yet another way to use my patterns to create a different look.

BTW...isn't this fabric gorgeous! It's from Anthology Fabrics and you can get it at FF&L!!!



Ronda said...

Dawn your work is beautiful! I love your patterns. I love that I can buy one pattern and fit both my grandaughters sizes 3 and 5. I am a quilter and it wasnt until recently I stared making garments. your patterns take a quilter very easily into a dressmaker. Your directions are in a language that is easily understood and your pictures are the best. Keep up the great work and I will fill my binders with your patterns. Thanks Ronda

kathy said...

That is an adorable dress. If you already have two patterns that it comes from, why not just post a free update on your website that shows how to combine them?


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