Friday, April 22, 2011

A Few More Photos From Florida

Just a few more pictures to show from our big trip to Florida. I just love the way this little outfit turned out. This combo of the swingy top and the little bubble skirt is one of my favorites on Abby, and she loves it too. I've made her several of these sets and whenever we are getting ready to go out and I ask her to pick out something to wear these are almost always one of her "go to" outfits.... We took these photos in "Celebration" which is one of the most charming places and truly like stepping back into time with all the beautiful homes, perfectly manicured lawns and an abundance of white picket fences. It really reminds me of a real life Pleasantville. Anyway, here is Abby braving the chilly temps and not being happy with me. Oh, funny story...when I showed my parents some of these photos their only comments were...."OMG, she looks exactly like you!" It's true, she really is my little clone and there was no mixing in the gene pool with Abby she is 100% mommy, with not a hint of Ole's side of the family in her. She even has my sense of humor and disposition which may or may not be a good thing.



Laurie said...

I've always liked this outfit since it appeared in your pictures. Hmm.... Maybe it should be on the pattern list for ..... do I dare say it, fall!

Jan said...

That's a darling outfit. Is the swing top a pattern you designed?

Karen said...

I was gonna ask the same thing. I'd love to have the swing top pattern!! :)

Jana M. said...

Absolutely darling outfit! I love the peeks of all the 'coming soon' patterns in the shop! You definitely have been busy!!!

edyB said...

Is the swing top pattern available?
Love this look for young girls!


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