Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Weatherman Was Good To Us Today

What Luck!!!!

I can't believe it's February 2nd and it's 73 degrees outside!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I almost feel bad with so many of my friends buried under tons of snow right now and we are in shorts and T-shirts today, but I know this weather won't last and we will be cold again within a day or so. The GREAT news is I was able to take a few pictures of Abby wearing "Kate" so you can all see how stinkin' cute this is on. Plus, I didn't actually try it...yet, but because the way I did the neckline on Kate, if you wanted you could even reverse this and wear it the other way around with the buttons down the back. Just imagine this with a sweet applique on the front or an embroidery...oh, okay so now I want to make a few more to show you how versatile this little blouse really is!

btw...the pattern is almost done, just a few more final touches. Then you can start making tons of these too. They are so fast and easy they are addicting!



Laurie said...

This is so cute! I really like the idea of being able to reverse it.

I'm one of those buried in so much snow I needed to stay home from work today. It is sort of a shame that I can log in from home to work.

P.S. The laptop is on the table and the sewing is on the counter. I guess I'm torn.... lol

Ronda said...

Cant wait Dawn!!!! it is so cute. What will you do when your beautiful model leaves for college?

Teri said...

Dawn this is perfectly pretty! I wanted to let you know i feature you on my blog. http://nanajustbananas.blogspot.comA little Easter Whimsey. Your inspiring and I can't wait till you have paper patterns. I'm no good at E-patterns. Thank you for being so creative!

Emily said...

I'm wild about this whole ensemble! Is the skirt "Kristin's" skirt without the sash or another skirt pattern? I love the skirt!


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