Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve!

What do you get when you cross lots of fresh fruit, marshmallows, pretzels, Biscotti, graham crackers, and a lot of delicious melted chocolate with 4 happy kids.....lots of smiles and a big mess, but who's all washable and we had loads of fun. A few years ago we started a tradition at our house of having a special dinner followed by a very special treat...Chocolate Fondue!!! The kids fell in love with this and it's been a part of our New Years celebration ever since. Tonight we will spend the night at home with our kids watching a fun family film and then heading off to bed way before the clock strikes 12:00am , although I am sure Ole and one of the boys might stick it out to bring in the New Year. Not me...I have never been a night owl and I will be sound asleep way before the New Year begins. Here's to a wonderful New Year with loads of happiness for all!!!

What was I thinking!!!??? both Henry and Abby are wearing white shirts and eating melted chocolate...and look at those missing teeth...Oi!



Goosegirl said...

Oh boy, do those kids look happy!! This is such a darling picture!
We gorged on peel and eat shrimp and mini egg rolls. My family would have loved to do fondue! It is a great idea!
I am hoping to get back to sewing....tomorrow...I hope!! We are totally moved from Grass Valley, but I don't have a new phone number to give you. We are using our cell phones as the house phone right now. I have you in my cell phone so I will try to give you a call to catch you up on everything.
But Happy New Year my friend!! I hope this year is even more wonderful than last year!

ScandianvianMum said...

What a lovely idea!

Happy New Year from London and Little Scandinavian x


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