Monday, August 2, 2010

Back To School

As most of you know we are a home schooling family and soon we will gently be moving back into our school routine. The kids have had a nice break but we all agree it's time that we start school again. Keeping in mind that children are constantly learning but we will go from a more free form style into a slightly more structured mode. The way we approach home school is probably slightly different from most, but it works well for our family.

My dear friend Tiffeni has been a tremendous help and influence with helping us to have the courage to march to our own drummer so to speak. A perfect mixture of old fashioned ideas mixed with modern technology and it works beautifully for us. Tiffeni is a Froebel Pedagogue and is currently working on writing several books using Froebel's teachings in today's world and she has asked us to help her. If you are unfamiliar with Froebel you can read about him here. My kids adore her and really love when she comes over with her bag of goodies for a special lesson.

This week Tiffeni and I will be starting an experiment with the kids using Gift 1 from the Froebel Gifts to see how my kids independently use the gifts without without instruction. I will be observing them, taking notes and lots of photos for Tiffeni to use in her research and in her book. The kids are so excited to be a part of something so very special, and I love that they are having this unique opportunity to learn in this very special way.


More about Froebel...

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