Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just Look At These Beauties!

Oh, the beauty of the internet!!! I found these two on CraigsList! These are the real thing...not re-pros! I have been wanting to add some Props to my photos and I thought it would be great fun to try to find a antique baby pram for Abby to push in some of the photos! I found not one, but two!!! These come as a set, one "real" sized and one doll sized! OMG...and I am getting them for a steal. I just have to drive about an hour to go get them but that's okay..they are well worth the trip. I absolutely love them! I am also on the hunt for other interesting props for our photos so I may just stop off at some antique shops while I am at it to see what other treasures I can find. Doesn't that sound heavenly...a day of rummaging through old antique shops looking for something spectacular that catches your eye.

My parent's visit was wonderful! We had an absolute blast, as usual. It was just over way too soon. They had too much fun spoiling the kids and treating them to all kinds of goodies. We went swimming, shopping, ate out and did everything in our power to stay cool. But now I have tons of catching up to do... I haven't touched my sewing machine in weeks, we need to start school soon, and I have lots of "other" stuff to work on. Things have been so busy with "Olabelhe" and my other new project that yesterday I actually hired a personal assistant...well, kind of, my neighbor had been pestering me to give her some work so I actually took her up on her offer and I am putting her to work next week! I have trunk shows to prepare for, a "meet & greet" at a local shoppe and I am actually going to be teaching some sewing classes this fall. Plus, gobs of other things that I am just itching to tell you about...

But this weekend, catching my breath...antique shopping, and relaxing! I need a break!!!!


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Karen said...

What a wonderful find! I am so glad that they are going to a good home and that you plan on using them in your photo shoots. The photos you take are always lovely but these will be icing on the cake!


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