Sunday, July 4, 2010

Henry's New Mantra

Ya know.....every family has to have one trouble maker! We are no exception!!! My mom and dad always say "You guys saved the best for last" meaning...HENRY!!! A few weeks ago we were watching some show on tv, I think it was "America's Got Talent" and some guy came out onto the stage and when they asked him what he did, his response was "I Break Things!" From that moment on I knew it was the perfect catch phrase for our little demolition man. What that child does not think of...Honestly, he gets into more mischief than the other three combined ever even dreamed of. Henry makes Dennis The Menace look like an amateur! In fact, he even looks a lot like Dennis with that blonde, blonde hair and cheeky grin! Before Henry we never had to baby proof our home, yes of course we put dangerous things out of harms way but with Henry we had to put those things under lock and key!!! I could probably write a really funny book about "Life with Henry" these past 4.5 years and all the "adventures" he has had, but that's a project for me when he is all grown up and I can really laugh about all the stories I could tell!

Well, today was no exception! Yesterday while I was out, I bought the kids a really cool electronics kit to experiment with. The boys absolutely loved it and stayed up late last night playing with it and were up early today and back at it. Henry, was right there taking in everything and watching their every move. He is one of those little ones who you can actually see the wheels in his mind turning. Well, that's partially my fault for marrying a genius and breeding super smart kids!

Note To Self: "Dawn, in your next life marry an idiot!"... just kidding ...

Back to the story, After hours of experimenting the boys decided to take a break and we packed up their set and put it "UP" thinking it was soon as we were out of sight, and faster than the speed of light he v e r y q u i e t l y got it down and decided to play Albert Einstein and before we knew it there was the lovely aroma of fried electronics in the house and one very small 4 year old looking very guilty!

Thankfully, this is a set that can't harm anyone but we did loose a transistor or two, but once again thanks to the internet and the few clicks of the mouse we were able to order replacement parts and soon the boys will be up and running again and while we were at it we decided to order Henry a "I Break Things!" T-shirt! Oh, Henry...what are we going to do with you!?



I have received a bunch of email with people wanting to know more about the electronics set that we purchased for the kids. It's called "Snap Circuits" and it's a fantastic learning tool. My kids have had so much fun with it and we have already placed an order for a more advanced set called "Snap Circuits Green Addition" which of course is perfect for my little munchkins who are very interested in alternative energy resources and anything which is eco friendly.


Sew Pretty Dresses said...

Such a cutie! The set sounds cool what is it called?

Dawn said...

Thanks so much for's called "Snap Circuits" and it's a wonderful set. The kids have had an absolute blast with it and have made so many really neat things. Alarms, fans, lights, and even a radio...we have already placed an order for a more advanced set that can do even more. i highly recommend it for any family with budding little scientists.


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