Saturday, May 15, 2010

Parade Of Dresses~ Part 9

Our next stop was clearly the best of all! We decided to stop by and see our friend Zina at her farm. Zina runs our CSA and has an impressive collection of animals...needless to say, Abby was in heaven and couldn't wait to say "hi" to every single one of them. But first we had to sample some of Zina's delicious organic strawberries...then off to meet up with "Sweetie" and "Buckshot" their horses. It was love at first sight for Abby...I can hear it now "Mommy, I want a pony!" After, Abby fed them some treats if was off to say hello to the chickens and "Tom" the turkey! Zina asked Abby if she wanted to collect the eggs from the henhouse and she was over the moon to have that opportunity and got right in there and scooped them all up for Zina. Then as an extra special treat Abby got to hold one of the new baby chicks and her face just lit up. Then off to visit "Annabelle" the cow and her calf "Abe". At the end of our visit Zina sent Abby home with the eggs she had collected and two big baskets of delicious red ripe strawberries. Zina has invited us back soon so that Abby can milk their goat  and ride "Sweetie" & "Buckshot" in fact she may start taking riding lessons too! As we said goodbye to Zina and her farm Abby loudly announced......"Mommy, this really was the BEST DAY of my life!!!"

Oh, yes...Abby is wearing a "Rebecca" made up in Art Gallery Fabric from the "Sugar" collection!

stop back tomorrow...we only have a few more days left of our parade of dresses!


organicmommy said...

this is my favorite i hae to say!!! ;pve the colors and the dress is so fitting for a trip to th farm!!!!

Karen said...

Very cute! Love the fabric choices . . .and Abby looks like she had a blast at the farm!! FUN pics :)

Beth said...

what a fun photo shoot! love the fabric choices too.


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