Monday, May 10, 2010

Parade Of Dresses~ Part 4

 to Berkeley Plantation. Birthplace of President William Henry Harrison. Once again, it was like stepping back in time walking on the grounds of this historic place. In these photos Abby is wearing a new design of mine called "Lydia" made up in this gorgeous print from the new "Paradise" collection from Art Gallery Fabrics. Sadly, our photos from Berkeley were not the best, as it was sooooo hot and Abby was just over the whole picture thing. So, time to re-group, find a quaint place to cool down and eat a relaxing lunch together before we continued on. We have another big photo shoot we have to do later this year and this is one place I know we would love to go back to and explore some more...just not when it's 100˚F outside! stop back tomorrow for more on our adventure...much better photos and a refueled and energized Abby!

Just a quick note: So, I'm not leaving you hanging. "Lydia" will hopefully be out in June...fingers crossed!



Karen said...

Way cute!! Love the wide straps!

Laurie said...

I've really enjoyed seeing these new dresses. If you need help with the next photo shoot I'd love to come and see some of the great sights.

If it's going to be cooler there, it will be near frozen in Michigan.

organicmommy said...

OMG that is too adorable. Your dress's are always so sweet. Can't wait til this one is released cuz I HAVE to have it

Kathy's Handmade said...

Dawn - When do you anticipate having paper patterns to purchase?

Love this Lydia dress.

Also are you planning to go larger than size 8 in your patterns?


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