Sunday, May 9, 2010

Parade Of Dresses~ Part 3


We ended our stay at Shirley Plantation with this dress. This one is a design I did a while back and I am sorry to say there is no pattern for it. Because the skirt is gored it would be very difficult to translate into a pattern that would be easy for you to print. If I ever decide to go to paper patterns this would be one that would be much better in print, but currently there are no plans for that. This one was created with the latest collection from Art Gallery Fabrics called "Paradise". I was lucky to get samples even before it arrived in the shops. I have to say the colors and prints in this collection are just spectacular.

After we finished these pics, we hopped back in the car for snacks and a cool down as we were honestly beginning to wilt and we were getting attacked by big nasty black know, the ones that bite!!! Thankfully they left Abby alone but for some reason they thought I was a lot more interesting. You should see my poor arm right now....ouch! Anyway, after we relaxed for a bit we said goodbye to Shirley Plantation and headed off to our next destination....stay tuned for more on that tomorrow!

Happy Mother's Day!!!


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