Friday, March 26, 2010

She is Sooooo My Daughter!!!

I just had to share this one! There is a new designer in town...thank goodness she has decided to target the female mouse population and not little girls, or I might be in trouble! That's right Abby has decided to become a designer/seamstress just like her mama and I am just gushing. The other day I was in my sewing room and Abby (and Diddlina, those two are never far apart) came in to join me as usual. She dumped out her scrap basket on the floor and started creating. Of course during all of this she was chatting my ear off with an elaborate story which needs to be shared.

Evidently, there are a serious shortage of good clothing designers for mice who are into "high Fashion" in Germany these days! So someone needs to something about it. These "stylin" mice need help. Thankfully Abby has decided to take on the challenge and design a line of patterns for them so that they can sew up fancy clothes to wear. I asked Abby what the name of her pattern line was going to be called, and then she and I brainstormed for a few minutes and came up with "Cheezy Couture"! Too cute...We chatted about the terrible injustice in the Mouse Fashion world and Abby snipped and pinned and stitched while her model happily cooperated. In the end Diddlina had a new dress, made 100% by Abby, with tons of attention to detail. Abby even made sure it was comfortable and had ample room for Diddlina's tail. Who says fashionable clothing has to be uncomfortable?

This was one of those afternoons that I will cherish forever and so reminds me of myself when I was exactly her age and I used to do the exact same thing. Oddly, my "best friend" was also a white mouse almost exactly like Diddlina but mine was named "Moufey"...who knows why? My parents are always saying how much Abby is exactly like I was in every way. My dad even calls Abby "Mini-Me" because she really is a little Dawn clone...with one exception she is a little more sassy than I was at that age, but I didn't have 3 brothers either!



Sew Pretty Dresses said...

Oh wow!!!! That is impressive! I hope my daughter will want to sew too! What a happy day for you girl!

Amy said...

Such a cute story!!

The tongue sticking out is just too cute!!

LAnderson (SewNso @ Southern Stitches) said...

What a darling story!

Goosegirl said...

Abby is such a cutie pie Dawn. I love her fabric combo. And I think that "Cheezy Couture" has real possibilities. Heehee!

Ellie Inspired said...

Oh that is so sweet! I hope that my daughter will inherit my love of sewing also. You must have been so proud to see her sitting there copying what she's seen you do. She did a good job too!

little dresses said...

Give that girl a big kiss from her "Aunt Sam"! That is the cutest thing I've ever seen!


ArtSnark said...

How cute & clever!


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