Saturday, December 19, 2009

We Have White Stuff On The Ground!

Last night we had a rare treat here....SNOW!!! The kids were over the moon with excitement and believe it or not we let them go out and play in it at 10:00 last night. Snow is something we don't see very often in this part of Virginia and so when it happens it's a big deal for the kids. Sadly, it was pitch black, so I couldn't get outside to take any pictures, but I will tell you that it was so much fun to see them having a blast in the white stuff. Ole and I both grew up in places where we had tons of snow to play in growing up. Me in Upstate New York and Ole in Germany. So we are both expert snowmen builders, fort makers and tobogganing champs. However our kids have never had the chance to do any of those things. Sad....I know. We both said "We really need to take them on a winter vacation somewhere where they can get to experience the "white stuff" in an extreme way!"

Here are a few shots of Williamsburg in Winter.

Now...back to more Christmas much to do....and Christmas is just a few days away!


Annette said...

We live in southern Maryland and we got the same storm! We usually get no more than 1-2 inches! Enjoy playing with the kids in it!

Goosegirl said...

OOOOH! Pretty!! I want to visit Williamsburg again and would love to see it in the snow. I am already sick of snow here. Heehee!


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