Friday, October 9, 2009

We Should Have Named Her Eloise!

Last night Abby chose "Eloise" as her bedtime story. It's one of her absolute favorites...and I can see why. Sometimes I wonder if Abby uses this book as a guide to life for a five year old. Even though Eloise is six, I think Abby thinks she is perfection. They are so much alike it amazes me. No, we do not live at the Plaza, and we do not have room service, nor an elevator or a staff of people to annoy. However, Abby has taken notes from Eloise and delights in the very same confident mischief that Eloise is known for. Abby has a similar pink bedroom with white furniture, a tea party table and shelves filled with her most favorite things and yes, there are many days when I walk into her room to discover a similar scene as in the illustration above. As we curled up in bed reading I could see the glint in her eye and a huge smile on her face as she was mentally taking notes and thinking "this girl is a genius". I thought to myself "What I should do is pack away that book, but naaaaa....after all you are only little once!"



KBriggs said...

"after all you are only little once!"

i wouldn't agree more.

Kendra said...

You should check out a book called "Pinkalicious" if she really likes the color pink. There are also books titled "Purplicious" and "Goldilicious". :) Also the Fancy Nancy books are extra girlie (my favorite)! Seriously cute books! :)

April said...

Oh, but has she seen the little cartoons? They're some of SweetPea's favorites on the Watch Now via Netflix.

I love the theme song - it cracks me up.


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