Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Kids Refuse To Wear Homemade Costumes!!!

Doesn't it just figure... the kids of the mom who loves to design and sew would refuse to wear something homemade! I had such high hopes this year that my little munchkins would let me create some amazing costumes for them but alas...they had to have store bought costumes once again. I was so disappointed, but I can remember feeling the exact same way. My mom and grandma would make these amazing costumes for me when I was little and I remember wanting to have really hideous costumes like all the other kids. you remember those? I can vividly remember all those with those horrible masks. At least the store bought costumes nowadays are a little better. This year was Henry's first year for trick or treating and he went as a little farmer. Abby opted to be Little Red Ridinghood and Elliott went for the evil Spiderman. Oliver passed this year thinking he was getting too old to trick or treat...after all he is double digits now! So he is the official "candy passer-outer" this year. Hope you all had fun this Halloween!



Beth said...

Too bad you didn't get to sew them something, but they look cute anyway & I'm sure you all had fun! Happy Halloween!

Goosegirl said...

Too funny! And haven't you made Abby Little Red Riding Hood costumes anyway? I am sure I remember one.
But they look darling.

Off to get Ahnalin to bed so I can raid her candy.

Leah said...

Too bad you didn't get to sew. My son thinks its funny that anyone would want to buy one. His comment "why don't they make them..." I only made his costume this year -- the girls re-cycled costumes I made in previous years...

Sabrina said...

My Abby was little red riding hood too :)


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