Monday, October 5, 2009


Sorry...I haven't been around for a few days but it really has been CRAZY around here. The end of last week brought school issues which I still have to resolve this morning when I go into have a meeting with the principal. It's a very long and complicated story which I don't want to go into, but I will say that I am not a happy mama and the school went a bit too far with something and now mama bear needs to fix it! UGH.......

Than on top of that we had issues with neighborhood playmates and I had to step in and be Mama dragon...once again. Ya Know....some people just don't get it.

Then as if that wasn't enough one of my very best friends in the whole world blew in for a visit. Which in principle is a wonderful thing...but in practice is a huge exercise in frustration. She is going through an very difficult time in her life and I am doing everything within my power to help her, but currently she is too messed up to listen to any kind of sense. Needless to say, she was only here for a short time before the winds changed and she was gone as quickly as she arrived.

Today...after my meeting with the principal and a trip to the library, I want to come home and just relax. What I should do is spend my day making bread, sewing and playing with my kids. BTW can you believe it's been over a month since I've sewn. Absolutely unheard of in my world. Time to get back to basics and the things I love!


Anonymous said...

Is really bad have a problems with the school so many frustations there..Hope everything go great for you this week and you can sew a lot in your wonderful sewing room.....


KBriggs said...

Sorry you are having a rough time with school and neighbors.
i hope everything gets much better soon.
i love how you describe yourself as "mama bear" and "mama dragon".
i like the dragon one. :D
Have a good day and yes!!!!enjoy your sewing, baking and most of all, your kids.

Karen said...

(hug) Your kids are truly blessed to have you for a mom. You're awesome Dawn!

Dawn said...

My meeting with the school went well...and then I spoke to another member of the school board this afternoon. Needless to say I think i have given them something to think about in the future. Thanks again for all your support.

Anonymous said...


I am 58 yrs. old and the mom of 4 children. I am also an emergency room RN.

When I read your blog I remembered the trauma i went through sending my children to school. They went to public schools, and private schools.

If I had it to do over again I would find a good home-school group. The kind where the parents take turns teaching in their areas of expertise. I have known people who have done that very successfully.

My adult chldren are fine, well adjusted, wonderful people. Still, I think school dampened their spirits and cost more than it added.

I am well educated, not a extreme right winger who believes is home school to 'shelter' children.I just think the system is so flawed, if you can avoid it why use it.

Just my honest opinion.

grammie m


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