Sunday, September 20, 2009

Playing With Ideas

The past few days have just been so exciting since I made the decision to go to print. I have spent hours and hours at my desk drawing and thinking of clever ideas to make my patterns even more eye-catching. While I do realize that the actual pattern is the most important part, I also know if the candy comes in a pretty wrapper it makes it even more appealing to a potential buyer. I know from my own experiences in fabric shops browsing the pattern displays which ones jump out at me. So, I really want my pattern covers to be cute and fun and very me! Last night when I was laying in bed....trying to get to brain was working on overdrive, as usual and I started envisioning these cute little girls dressed in my designs. Of course, my model is Abby, because she has been my inspiration for all of this! This morning when I woke up....way before even a hint of sunrise... I started sketching. Here is a small sample of what I have come up with so far...pretty cute...huh? I'm having way too much fun dressing these little ones up in my designs. I have a long way to go and I'm sure the ideas will continue to keep me up at night for quite some time!



Goosegirl said...

Dawn, your little Abby dolls are adorable. I so wish I could draw! Let's just say that my sketches are very, very rough! I like the phrase and think it gives a very good idea of your designs. Very nice!

Sharon said...

They look SUPER CUTE!!! I love what you have in mind!

BTW - I just made your Kirstin Skirt. Check it out! I describe it as "Magical!"

little dresses said...

So cute! I can't wai to see the rest of the cover!


Anonymous said...

The sketches are adorable, Dawn! They would definitely attract the audience you're hoping for, I think. Fantastic!
-Tammey (from SM)

little dresses said...

Hey hun,

just stopping in before I head to the show! I can't wait to talk!! I got that email you sent and I'm loving your new direction!



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