Sunday, September 6, 2009

Abby's Applesauce

All of my kids love applesauce and so this morning Abby and I decided to use up some of our apples to make some ourselves. We had so much fun and after a few quick lessons on how to hold a peeler she was peeling like a pro. So simple...yet so good. Just apples, a little water, a pinch of sugar and a smidge of cinnamon and we had a delicious treat in very little time. We peeled and cut up the apples, about 12 and put them into a heavy pot. Added a little bit of water to get the process going them we kept a close watch on them as we let them simmer. Then we added a little sugar just to sweeten them a little more, maybe 1/4 cup. After that we let them cool. I put them in the food processor to get them nice and smooth and then added the cinnamon.

Trust me I had 4 very eager little testers standing by to test out our homemade applesauce and after they had had their share I had just enough for two jars. I am sure this will be gone in no time but the good news is we have a lot more apples!


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mummy_chelle said...

I am about to make an apple pie - hubby's fav and he didn't manage to get it for Father's Day yesterday so...

I may make some little jars of apple sauce too. Goes great with roast pork.

Good on Abby for doing the peeling. She did a great job.


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