Monday, August 10, 2009

Starting To Dream About Autumn and Helping Out A Dear Friend!!!

Which of course is really hard to do when today is the hottest day so far this year!!!! Gosh, I really hate August in Virginia! It's so flippin' hot you can't even breathe outside. But Abby insisted that we go out and take pictures of one of her new outfits that I made her for school. It's very simple, but very sweet and perfect for a 5 year old heading off to Kindergarten. I was actually inspired by an outfit that I saw in one of my favorite catalogs but I changed it up a little to make it mine. An adorable A-line jumper in a shorter length with buttons down the back and a cute little bubble skirt underneath. I found this adorable fabric in one of my favorite shops in Richmond and just knew it would be a hit will Miss Abigail. It's called "London Cats"and as predicted Abby just loved it. I love it because of the deep rich colors and the fact that it is whimsical, but not too cutesy! If ya know what I mean! I think I may do a pattern for the jumper as every little girl needs atleast one jumper like this in her wardrobe. But I am not going to make one up for the skirt, as my pal Samantha has already done a fantastic job with this exact design. So go check out Miss Iris at Sam's shop and get it from her!!! Their family is currently in the process of adopting children from Eastern Europe and I'm sure more pattern sales can only help them in their dream to bring their children home!!!! Friends helping friends is what it is all about and I want to help them in any way I can. They are such a wonderful family and every time I speak to Sam she is just gushing thinking about expanding their family and when those babies make it home to Alabama they are going to be loved more than they could ever imagine!!!

Love Ya Sam!!!

FYI....Abby did a great job considering it was 100F outside! As soon as we snapped a few pictures I immediately took her out for a refreshing and cold was a well deserved treat that we both needed!



KBriggs said...

Please, tell Abby to stop growing. :( She is looking so big now, the baby face is disappearing and instead she is looking so much like a young and beautiful girl.

Anonymous said...

That Abby is the dearest and oh, boy, those dresses are just great.

Love your blog and family.


little dresses said...

Thanks hun. I love you too, and thanks for the pep talk today, I'm feeling much better ;)


mummy_chelle said...

I have the opposite here when I try and dress DD in your gorgeous summer dresses - she freezes because it is winter! Good thing they love us LOL!

And I am so glad you mentioned Samantha's pattern. I have been following her story for a while now and am so happy she is finally getting her prayers answered. Couldn't happen to a nicer person.

April said...

I commented (I thought) but now I look and I don't see it. Maybe I didn't do the silly letters or something... anyway, darling dress for fall! I can't wait to see Abby's first day of school pic. When does she start?

Dawn said...

Yes, she is growing up super fast all of a sudden it seems. My little baby is really gone and turning into a young lady.

Sam- you are more than welcome!!! You know I am always here for you...good times and bad ones too!

Michelle- I would anything for an ice cold day right about now!!!

April- I saw the pic you posted of Sweet Pea and Cowboy and OMG they look just adorable on their first day of school!!! We still have almost another month to go. Summer vacation is really too long here. The kids are getting antsy and bored and Oliver is anxious to get back to school to see his friends. Abby is very nervous about kindergarten but I am sure once she meets a bunch of little girls she will just love it. She is such a social butterfly, I am sure she'll be fine.


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