Friday, August 14, 2009

The Perils Of Motherhood

Who knew that simply being a mom could be dangerous to your health? Yes, accidents do happen from time to time and tonight Henry and I had a big one. I was tucking the little demon into bed and he was still..."shall we say a little too playful" and I was attempting to get him into his jammies. I asked him to stand up so we could get his bottoms on and he decided to jump up and his hard little head hit me right into my jaw. Needless to say I saw stars and actually blacked out for a moment. OUCH!!! Of course to make matters worse my tongue was also in the way and I bit down on it really hard. Henry of course is perfectly fine, but when he saw mamas tears he knew he really hurt me and felt pretty bad. I managed to finish tucking him in and them came down stairs in pure agony Ole and the kids were finishing up their ice cream and I headed straight for the Tylenol! Extra extra strength.

Needless to say it is currently 3 am and I am in agony. My head is just pounding and Wow! something just isn't right. Everything in my head feels like it's shifted just a little. I just took two more tylenol and hopefully they will kick in soon so I can try to get a little relief and a little more sleep.



Mummy_chelle said...

Oh you poor poor thing! Look after yourself and hope nothing too serious is wrong. Here's hoping the drugs work soon...

KBriggs said...

That really sounds painful.
I hope you got to sleep some after the drugs kicked in.
My MIL went through the exact same thing but she broke 2 of her bottom teeth.
Praying that you will heal soon.

Karen said...

Dawn (hug). Hope the Tylenol is working ok!! Take care of yourself . . .

Noah did that to me when he was a toddler but he was throwing a tantrum and whipped himself backwards into my face. I know what you mean about seeing stars. Hope you're ok!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Hope you are feeling better now!

Dawn said...

Just wanted to check in and let you all know that I am feeling head still hurts and my jaw is bruised, but I think I am going to live. Who knew that you needed to wear a helmet when putting your 3 year old to bed!


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