Sunday, August 16, 2009

It Really Is the Little Things

Look Up!!! I have a favicon! This morning I added a favicon to my blog...with a little help from my dear sweet husband/computer guru. Okay, I admit it...he did all the technical stuff but I did the artwork! Isn't it cute!!! Odd how these little things thrill me...I really do need to get out more!



April said...

I'm supposed to have one on my website, but I think I gave up hope on the coding. Yours is darling! ;)

mummy_chelle said...

I am a techno idiot - what is a favicon?

Dawn said...

Michelle...look up in the address bar. See my little Olabelhe logo. A lot of websites have little symbols that represent their site and now I have one too!

mummy_chelle said...

Ok I get what you are talking about now but my computer shows a 'b' in an orange square. Thanks for taking the time to explain though - I learnt something new today!

mummy_chelle said...

Your favicon appears when I am not typing a comment - that is cool!


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