Thursday, July 23, 2009

This Time,... I Get To Be The Tester!!!

My dear friend Sivje is also a pattern designer and is also embarking on her adventure into the pattern designing world. So we have been great moral support for each other and giving each other a helping hand as much as possible. She currently has her first design out with her testers and she asked me to give her pattern a "test drive" to see what I think! First off I have to say her idea is pure genius! I almost wish I had thought of it...wink's called the "Monkey Skirt" and I have to say it's perfect for little girls who at times forget that they are ladies. It's a skirt with bloomers built in!!!! So there is no chance that there will be anybody peeking at panties and our little girls can rest easy knowing they can sit criss-cross-applesauce with nothing showing. With Abby heading off to Kindergarten this Fall these little skirts will be a perfect addition to her kindergarten wardrobe. I am so excited for Sivje, and I'm sure her first pattern will be a huge success!!!

BTW you can see from the pics that Abby loved the fact that she could lift up her skirt without a care in the world! I her own words..."Mommy, this skirt ROCKS!!!" Oh, to be 5 again!



Goosegirl said...

Dawn, Abby looks darling in her Monkey Girl Bloomer Skirt. I love the fabric! Thank you for testing for me!
I am so grateful.

KJ said...

I wish that the parents at school could buy these for their children. I get tired of asking parents to either not send their children to school in dresses or please put a pair of shorts on underneath them!! Great idea!

Karen said...

Very very cute!!!


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