Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Kindness Of Others

I cannot tell you how incredibly touched I am by the kindness of others. Since starting this new little pattern designing venture of mine, my e-mailbox has just been filled with sweet letters from complete strangers who through twists and turns and a few clicks of the mouse found their way to my blog. They have been purchasing my patterns and then writing to say how much they enjoyed them and now they want more!

I received a letter last night from a "new friend" who recently discovered my designs on and she bought every one. She wrote to ask "When will there be more??? I can't wait to buy them all!!!" She went on to say that she was ready to toss every stitch of clothing in her daughters closet, and she wanted to re-make everything for her little girl all in my style." I was so overwhelmed by this and it just made my heart sing. It's kindness like this that makes it all worth while. Knowing that there are other mamas out there that are having fun with my designs and creating beautiful clothing for their little girls too. It really does inspire me to create even more so that everyone will have a lot to choose from and then be able to create one special piece or an entire wardrobe with my designs.


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mummy_chelle said...

It is like a circle - what you give will come back to you. You will always attract people who are lovely and kind because that is the way you are. And it is so nice to see another mama bringing their dream to fruition - we just really want to support that in you.


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