Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Surprise!!! I Have A Present For you!!!

A Free pattern to download! Everybody loves a freebie....right!!! This little fabric rose is the perfect embellishment to go on just about anything. Perfect for my hats, or on the waist of a pretty dress, or even on a coat. Or you could use them for Home Dec. items, on hair accessories, or even make a gift look extra special with a rose on it for decoration. You really are only limited by your imagination!!! Have fun and enjoy!!!

Click here for your Free download



Tabitha O. said...

Thanks Dawn!

Tonyslady said...

Is there anyway to have this sent to my e-mail? for some reason it won't keeps saying there is a critical error on the page and won't let me open it :(

Jennifer F said...

Thanks Dawn. Its beautiful.


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