Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Latest Olabelhe News

I have been super busy working on my patterns! This morning I sent out both "Victoria's Bonnet" and "Lucy's Cloche" to my testers. I will be very anxious to see what they make. The results are starting to come for "Peyton" and they are great!!! I have seen some adorable pinafores and everyone has been very pleased with the pattern....phew! I stayed up late last night drafting all the pieces for "Amelia" and this morning I started working on the PDF to get that ready to go out too. After that it will be "Janey" and then "Emily". I'm not exactly sure which one I am going to do after that...I need to think about it. Plus, I have started to think about designs for Fall/Winter. Hard to imagine when it's almost 100 here. But before you know it I will have to start working on Abby's Kindergarten wardrobe. I am hoping to come up with some adorable new ideas. Of course I also had to do some sewing this morning too. So I made up another "Amelia". Here is a sneak peek. My kiddos have been sick all week so Abby is not feeling like modeling and I can't really blame her.
So, I brought out my little dress form to be my model today. Thanks so much for dropping by.



Stephanie said...

That looks great Dawn. Will any of them come smaller then a 3? Hope so but I guess Em will be a 3 soon enough anyways.

Jennifer F said...

Gorgeous !! I love the fabric selection. Absolutely Beautiful

pfarmwife said...

Dawn, that is really sweet! I love the fabric. We really are a lot alike, you and I! Keeping my feet up, so to speak, today (actually, they will probably be on my sewing machine pedal!).



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