Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Scraps of mommy's fabric ~ free

needle & thread ~ free

borrowed scissors ~ free

a 5 year old's imagination! ~ Priceless!!!!

I just have to share this story! This afternoon I was in my studio working on....yes, of course more patterns. My little sidekick was at my side as always chatting my ear off and "making her own pattern" as she told me. I was busy concentrating on what I was doing and not really paying attention to what she was doing. She threaded her own needle, and cut out her pattern and sewed up her very first design.....I almost fell off my chair when she finished and held it up for me to see her beautiful work! "Look mommy it's underwear for Diddlina"!!!! How proud I was when I saw that my daughters first pattern design was for a thong!

Just in case you are wondering. Diddlina is Abby's beloved mouse friend that her daddy brought her back from Germany. The two of them are inseparable!!!



Tonyslady said...

Oh that's great. lol :)

Goosegirl said...

Oh my! I snorted! That is hilarious!

Like Mother, like daughter! HAHAHAHA!!!!!

Ok, Dawn....now I am running for cover before the arrows are launched at me!

April said...

Sivje took the words right outta my keyboard... 'Like mother, like daughter!'


Dawn said...

Okay...I hope you are referring to the pattern designing and not the thong wearing!!!!

April said...

errr.... uhhhhh.... yeah.... uh huh, that's right, what you said...... then again maybe I should say "if the thong fits..."


Karen said...

Oh I love it!! The next up and coming designer! Very creative little girl you have, Dawn :)

EverythingIveGot said...


Amy said...

So precious! And yes- priceless!

KJ said...

That is hilarious! You know, there is probably some money in the lingerie business!
Glad to see that these ladies know you well enough to poke some fun... Thought I might be the only one to rib you about thongs :)


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