Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mommy & Daughter "Kirstin" skirts!!!!

How adorable is this???

My dear friend Karen has done an amazing job as always with creating beautiful samples with my patterns. This time out she decided to make my Kirstin skirt for both herself and her little girl. I just got the photos a while ago and I couldn't stop smiling.

That's right Ladies!!! My Kirstin pattern works for you too!!!! The way I designed the pattern is to give you the formula and instructions for making a perfectly fitting skirt for every size. Just a few simple measurements and you too can have an adorable skirt for yourself. Of course if you don't like the bow sash you can omit that part, and still have a beautiful skirt made to fit you beautifully!

So hop over to my shop and pick up a "Kirstin's Skirt" pattern. Make up some fun summer skirts for yourself or anybody else who may enjoy one.



April said...

That is so very sweet, Dawn!

McNew Family said...

OK - that did it - I had to head over and buy the pattern! I can't wait for "me" time tomorrow - this me is headin' to the fabric store for sure! Thanks!

Goosegirl said...

So Cute!!!! Karen, you did an awesome job!


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