Monday, July 27, 2009

More of "Amelia"

With the release the other day of "Amelia", I wanted to show off a few more photos so you can see how very sweet this little dress really is. As with most of my designs there are many options when making them. Amelia is no exception. In the original design I have the big bow sash and the "bubble hem" but of course if you prefer a more scaled back version you could certainly omit the sash and have a more traditional hem line. Here are just a few more examples of "Amelia" at the beach!



Anne K. in New York said...

Dawn, these dresses are so precious. But I have to say, what struck me most is how grown-up Abby is getting. Her whole stature is just that of a confident little girl now - she's left babyhood far behind! (You know this much more than we do, of course!) In any case, it's lovely to see. And for those of us who have seen her from toddlerhood on up...yep, she's a little schoolgirl now!

And guess what -- I'm using my serger!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Dawn said...

Anne, thank you so much! Yes...she is growing up! Everyday I notice little changes. She is getting to be so tall and losing all the last remains of her toddlerhood. Soon it will be wiggly teeth and growing pains as she slowly moves towards becoming a young lady. As exciting as it is to watch them grow. it's hard to let the past go sometimes. Thank goodness for great photographs and memories!

BTW!!! I'm so proud of you for using your serger...don't ya love it!!!


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