Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Look What Else You Can Do With Emily!!!

With the release of my newest pattern "Emily's Camisole" any day now, I wanted to play around a little this morning and show you what else you can do with this sweet little cami! Add some length and Whaaa Laaa instant adorable sundress! I am going to try to get Abby to model it for you this afternoon but currently she is outside riding her bike and playing with her big brothers and I didn't want to disturb her play. So for now, the dress is just on my little dress form so that you can get an idea. I also added a little white tank top underneath for a layered look. While I was making it this morning Abby came into my sewing studio and requested pockets..."Just in case....mama! Ya never know when you are going to need pockets to put treasures in!" So, of course I had to add pockets.

Keep a watch in the shop for "Emily's" arrival any day now!



McNew Family said...

VERY sweet!

Amy said...

I think the choice in fabric really sets the tone for the dress!

Such a pretty pattern and so delicate!

Can't wait to see it modeled!


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