Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Inspiration

Just the other day I received the sweetest email from one of my readers asking..."Where on Earth do you find inspiration for all of your adorable designs?" Of course I was tremendously flattered that she said this but then I had to think about how to respond to her question. I replied with this:

Dear ~

Thank You so much for your lovely letter. My inspiration for my creations comes from many different places. However, some of my favorites are vintage Children's books and classic favorites being Jane Austen and other period pieces like Anne Of Green Gables, The Little House books, The Secret Garden and A Little Princess, Beatrix Potter, Katie Greenaway and so many more. Sometimes I spend hours looking through old photographs and drawings and the ideas just come rushing in. I absolutely adore old fashioned sweetness with innocence and charm....

I forgot to mention to my reader that another huge source for me is my dreams. Just last night I had this wonderful dream and in it I imagined an adorable outfit. In true "Dawn-Style" I immediately woke up and ran to my sewing room to start bringing my dream to life. No ryhme or reason I just start pulling out fabrics, laces and ribbons and it all begins to take shape. So here I sit, up since 3 am with a finished outfit for Abby to model. I haven't even tried it on I hope it fits!!! We will get ready shortly to go to one of our favorite spots to go take some pictures in hopes of getting a few very special ones. So, you will have to check in later to see what I've come up with this time.

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