Monday, June 8, 2009

Look Mommy!!! It's The Leaning Tower Of Pizza!!!

Aren't my kids clever? and creative? Using the sofa cushions as blocks!!!! Argh... I cannot tell you how this drives me crazy. Why Why Why??? When they have more toys than should be allowed, do they have to play with these? This has actually been a favorite past time of theirs for the past few weeks. Henry instigated the whole idea, my youngest and most precocious.

Who knew that our cushions could be so much fun. They have been everything from walls to forts, bridges, a dance floor, a trampoline, tanning beds???, a race track, gymnastic tumbling mats and today the most clever of all...the "Leaning Tower Of Pizza"...according to Abby! Well, I guess I shouldn't be too upset at least I know they are paying attention to their home-schooling lessons and having fun. I am just so tired of having to put the sofas back together so we can actually sit on them. Oh well...I shouldn't be too upset. They are having a blast and using their imaginations to make all kinds of things. Maybe, just maybe there is a part of me that is just a teensy bit parents would have had a stroke if we did this as kids!

However, I am not quite sure what the shark on top represents...perhaps a modern take on a gargoyle?


Karen said...

This made me laugh because my kids do it too. They make forts all over the house with ALL of the pillows they can find. So we have a nice little pillow hunt at the end of the day to put everything back together. I've given up on having a clean house for now . . .at least for the summer.

MaryAnne said...

Couch cushions are the best! I actually remember making all sorts of things with our couch cushions as a kid, although I do now understand the parental frustration side of this activity...


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