Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Magical Afternoon With Abby

Abby and I slipped out today for another Girls Day Out. This time we decided to go to Historic Yorktown which is also very close to our home. Our day was filled with all kinds of discoveries, everything from Yorktown onions which were in full bloom to hidden pathways, bunny and butterfly chasing, seeing a beautiful Tall Ship on the river, exploring an herb garden and even a trip into Ben & Jerry's for a cold treat. After all that exploring we stopped at The Carrot Tree for a lovely lunch. The day was perfect and this is exactly what childhood memories need to be made of. Abby ran through historic gardens, took in a little bit of history, peeked into key holes and had a marvelous time. I am sure she will always remember today as will I.


Goosegirl said...

Wow Dawn! The photos of your girl are just gorgeous. My favorite is of her overlooking the water with the tall ship. So beautiful.

Have I mentioned how much I want to come visit Virginia again?

Dawn said...

Thanks so much Sivje, I really love that pic too. We were so lucky to be in the right place at the right time for that picture. I also love the one of her sneaking up on the bunnies. It was so magical for her to be out in the field playing with them. Yes, I have to admit this part of the world does have some extra special places to visit. We are very lucky that it is all in our backyard.

Tanya said...

How lucky are you w/that ship in the water??? What a great pic. Come back to SM! :)

michal said...

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