Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This little guy is truly the light of my life. For as much trouble as he gets into, he really is completely irresistible. Can you imagine actually staying mad at that little face? The other day I was going through some of Oliver and Elliott's clothes that they had outgrown long ago to see what else I could find that would fit Henry this summer. In the boxes were tons of cute little outfits. but for some strange reason Henry fell in love with the little sweater vests. Go figure...He wanted to try them on immediately and then refused to take it off. This morning I was doing laundry again and Henry spotted it in the laundry basket and instantly wanted to put it on again. The moment he had it on hit just lit up. Looks like I have another little "Fashionista" on my hands. Watch out Alex P. Keaton there's a new kid in town.


Amy said...

Who could resist that grin?
You've got your hands full - but it's all good! LOL

Sabrina said...

LOL! Alex P. indeed!

mummy_chelle said...

How cute is he in that vest!? He looks like a little man. I had to laugh because I grew up watching Alex on tele!

April said...

OHmyword... what a cutie-pie! He looks just like Abby, too! ;)

April said...

I just had to come back and comment... that 'Cheeky!' title consistently rings in my head with the voice of Julie Andrews on Mary Poppins.


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