Monday, May 18, 2009

What's In Your Pantry?

My friend Amy over at Vintage Chicken posted a great comment on one of my recent posts which inspired me to write this entry. Like all people who love to cook I have a pretty well stocked pantry filled with all the staples I use on a regular basis. There are just certain things that I always have on hand. I actually have two pantries one for all my baking items and one for everything else. One just wasn't working for me so I divided it in to two more organized spaces. I am all about being organized and yes, I'm one of those freaky people who love to label things too. I also tend to remove certain items from their original packaging and put them into glass storage jars to keep them fresh longer.

My baking pantry has just about anything you could image that you might want to use when baking: Flours, sugars and leavening agents but I also have misc. types of chocolates, nuts and dried fruits. I also have those items which you don't use all the time but it's nice to have them just in case ie. Molasses, Karo syrup, meringue powder, honey, and coconut. Of course I have a large selection of spices and extracts to flavor cakes and cookies too. Then there is the section with all the fun stuff for decorating sweet treats with colorings, sprinkles, and misc. other goodies. I also have a tin filled with pastry bags, tips and accessories for making things pretty. I am sure I have left a bunch of stuff out but this atleast gives you an idea.

My main pantry includes everything else.

Shelf 1 ~Cereals ( Kix and Cheerios only!) and some crackers. I usually have wheat thins, triscuits and graham crakers for the kids to munch on.

Shelf 2 ~ Oils, syrup, peanut butter, Nutella, salad dressings, and misc. things like soy sauce, teriaki sauce, salsa, ketchup, mustards and jams and jellies

Shelf 3 ~ All the rice and lots of different types of pasta

Shelf 4~ Misc. canned goods. I always keep cans of whole tomatoes, a few jars of our favorite pasts sauces, soups, and beans.

Shelf 5~ Juice, popcorn, applesauce, and granola bars

Floor~ this is where we keep bottled water and some of the larger things that wont fit other places.

We don't eat prepared items or processed foods very often. Occasionally the kids will ask for Kraft Mac and Cheese, but I am trying to switch them over to Annies instead. Much better in my opinion. I do keep corn chips and animal crackers on hand all the time too. I think that's about it. Wouldn't it be fun to go peek in other peoples pantry's to see what they always have on hand? So, what's in your pantry?

Thanks for the great idea Amy!!!


MamaMauby said...

Lovely Pantry! Also, I actually did a baby shower for my sister-in-law years ago and the guests went into my pantry and started asking me what my jarred items, apparently in some areas it's acceptable to peek into other people's pantries...:P

Amy said...

At the moment there will be NO peeking into my pantry! LOL It's a total mess... I'm waiting for a jolt of energy to make me want to tackle it!

Great Post!


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