Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summertime Foods

I am sure many of you are like me in that you eat certain foods in the Spring/Summer and others in Autumn/Winter. Now that it's warming up I have been stocking up on all my favorite pantry goodies for this time of year. Not to mention our fridge is filled with "green stuff". I have to say, I hate summer, but I do love all the wonderful fresh produce that is available this time of year. We eat very healthy at our house and there is little to no "junk" available for us to munch on. I do make sweet treats for us but everything is from boxed stuff in my pantry. Yet, my baking cupboard is fully stocked. Anything and everything you could possibly want to make your favorite bakes treats.

We are back to eating all of our favorite summer salads, quiches and tarts, and pasta dishes. So long, stews and chilis, roasts and numerous other comfort foods that warm you inside and out. Make way for summertime fare.


Goosegirl said...

Yummy Dawn. That is how we eat at our house too.
The top picture looks like open spanikopitas, but the filo looks different than how I do it. Is this something special you do? It looks yummy!

Sharon said...

Oh yeah. Where is the recipe to picture number 1?!?

Dawn said...

Sharon...I put the recipe for Spinach Ricotta Pie up on my cooking Blog for you!

Amy said...

Ya' know... we eat much the same way as you - absolutely NO prepackaged food items. Lots fo fresh fruit and veggies.

I know how I have a standard list of staples that my pantry is never without... I would love to see what you consider as necessary items?

It's always fun to see what different people consider as basic pantry supplies.


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