Friday, May 1, 2009

Hey...What's In Your Grocery Cart?

I just got back from my weekly visit to the grocery stores. While in the checkout line I usually glance over to the display of magazines to see "who is dumping who?", "who is sleeping with who?" and which star has either gained or lost a tremendous amount of weight in a short amount of time. I also often pick up a more respectable magazine to quickly check out some recipe ideas or get a quick tip for a fun craft project. Tonight I decided to deviate from my normal routine and look in the grocery carts of people around me to see what they were buying. It's so interesting what you can tell from a person from the items in their cart. The man, obviously a confirmed bachelor, in front of me had a cart half full of bags of prepared frozen foods, cans of Hormel chili, hot dogs, processed cheese, liter bottles of sodas and a small package of TP, you know those little 6 roll packs that families never buy. He also had picked out a DVD. I can only assume to watch tonight while eating his microwaved dinner. I felt so sad for him. He even looked lonely. The two ladies behind me had a cart filled with duplicate items. It was pretty obvious they were probably going to be preparing foods for some event or perhaps to give away to other people. I looked around and saw carts filled with interesting combinations of items and in a way they told a story. Then I looked in my cart and all I could think was wow!!! This mama really cares about her family. No processed foods at all only fresh fruits and veggies, sacks of whole wheat flour for the bread that I make myself, jugs of juice, bottled water, and lean meat. A family sized supply of TP, you know the ginormous one and a bottle of earth friendly all natural dish soap. I also had tons of yogurts, organic milk, all natural cheeses and a few staple items like jasmine rice and pastas. I will however confess to one little guilty pleasure that I got for the kids for a treat...a big bag of Gummi Bears, which were very well received when I returned home with the back of my mini-van stocked with supplies for the week. Next time you are at the grocery store look around and see what stories the grocery carts around you tell.

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Amy said...

That's funny - I do the same thing! I always create 'stories' in my head of what sort of people they are by the assortment of the items in their buggies. If anyone did that to me, they would surely know that we are a bunch of veggie/meat eating and milk drinking folks and we like Charmin family packs! LOL
I don't buy any prepared/packaged foods and my grocery buggy is loaded with pantry staples - each week!


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