Saturday, May 16, 2009

Diddlina Takes A Bath

Abby Blogs~
This morning I asked Mama to give Diddlina(my very best friend in the whole world) a bath, because she was stinky. Probably due to the fact that I hug her a lot, and sometimes I get stinky after I play outside. Plus, Diddlina loves to take baths because she gets to go on a rollercoaster ride in Mama's washin' machine. I took off her favorite pink dress, because that was dirty too and I put her in the washin' machine and asked Mama to take a picture of her so she could put it on her blog. Then Mama put in the soap that makes everything clean and smell nice and we closed up the door. I got to push the button! I stood there the entire time while Diddlina was taking her bath and I could hear her giggling inside so I knew she was having fun. It took a long time but I stayed with Diddlina...just incase she got scared...she didn't. When the buzzer went off Mama put her in a pillowcase to keep her safe and then put her in the dryer, I got to put in the dryer sheet, shut the door and push the button. This time I sat on the floor and waited because my feet were tired. Mama brought me some cookies and juice while I waited. Diddlina cried and wanted to come out because she was getting dizzy so we took her out. I hugged her really tight and put her back in her pink dress, which was now clean too. Diddlina smells like flowers!

All true, Abby insisted that I write this blog post for her. I think I have another future blogger on my hands!

Abby is 5


MaryAnne said...

cute :)

Amy said...

So precious!

Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

Nevaeh said...

That is toooooooo CUTE


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