Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday!...HENRY!!!!

He did it again!

2" of standing water in the bathroom
2 mops
8 bathroom towels (to help sop up the water)
1 serious Time-Out
and 1 very frazzled mommy!


Sharon said...


Karen said...

Oh Dawn! I'm so sorry . . . yesterday was my day and if I had any valium I would have taken it! I drown my sorrows in some ice cream and chocolate instead. Hope your day gets better

Anonymous said...

OH NO!!!

Amy said...

You have Henry... I have Bailey!!!
Words can't describe how I feel your pain!

BTDT!!! Many times over!!!

Hang in there!

April said...

ohgoodness.... what did he DO?!?

Dawn said...

Good News... I have recovered from yesterday's fiasco. Yes, the little stinker plugged the overflow hole in the sink and then turned the water on...basically we had an indoor swimming pool. What a disaster. The carpet is still damp in many places and I just have my fingers crossed there will be no serious mold! I have had fans on it and I have been down on my hands and knees with the hair dryer. It's a good thing I love that little guy so much!


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