Monday, April 6, 2009

New Spaces

Ya just never know how a house is going to work for you until you live in it for a while! We moved into this house 2 years ago with a plan. Who and what was going where. However, as with most things plans need to change or be modified to actually work. The original plan was that Ole was going to have his home office in our loft. It's a bright beautiful space and he was thrilled thinking he would be able to be a part of family life and not have to be tucked away into a "mancave". Well, now he wants his mancave! Over the past several weeks we have been moving, rearranging and organizing to make several changes to make his "mancave" happen. We are losing our formal living room, but we never used it anyway. It was just pure eyecandy. We hired a contractor to close in the archway and install French doors...with a lock. Construction is going well and we, especially Ole are all very excited for it to be complete so he can move in.

The big question was "What on Earth are we going to do with the Loft?" After lots of ideas and a dose of practicality we finally decided on a playspace for the kids. Now, the upstairs is completely their space and the downstairs is more the adult zone. The kids are really enjoying their new play room. Henry and Abby are in there playing all the time but the Oliver and Elliott prefer their own room, which is a Lego wonderland. Here is a peek at the new playspace.

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