Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Look Mom!! We Made A Duplo Zoo."

This morning I was busy in my sewing room working on a few things for Miss Abigail and there was a distinct absence of noise..."Oh, oh....that can only mean trouble!" I braced myself and went upstairs to see what my little munchkins were into. I heard them all in Abby's closet and feared for what I might discover, but much to my surprise I found them all huddled around their latest Lego creation. Elliott had decided to sit down with Abby and Henry and build a zoo with them. I was so proud of him. He hasn't even looked at Duplo in ages and is deeply into "real Lego". He said "I just wanted to do something special with Abby and Henry." That was one of those moments when I had a huge smiled and realized "I am doing something right." In a house with 4 young children sometimes it seems more like a zoo. There are days when I feel like I am not doing anything right as a mom and they are not paying attention to any thing I am trying to teach them. This was one of the moments when I had an "ah-ha moment" and knew I am getting through to them. Teamwork, sharing, being a good role model, and more than anything being nice to each other. High-Five Mama!!! It's working!!!

Oh, here are a few pics of their zoo. They specifically asked me to take pictures to show all of my bloggy friends.


MaryAnne said...

Duplos are fabulous toys, and it looks like they built a wonderful zoo! My daughter loves it when I put photos of her up on my blog.

Cortni said...

That is absolutely adorable!!

ezeldabeth said...

that is so if those "doing something right" moments would come more often...i live for those moments...thanks for sharing


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