Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Cookies!

I thought it would be great fun for the kids and I to bake Easter cookies this afternoon. The weather is kinda gloomy so it was the perfect activity to keep little imaginations and hands busy before the big day tomorrow. The kids are so excited. Wondering where the Easter Bunny is going to hide the eggs? What will be in their Easter baskets? and what special dinner mommy is cooking for all of us?

btw...I finally decided on roasted chicken with lemon and herbs, garlic mashed potatoes, french green beans and carrot cake for dessert. Plus I bought a lovely bottle of Chardonnay for Ole and I to share.

Back to the cookie baking story. We had so much fun and made quite a mess but it was all worth it. The kids all took turns decorating and I supervised...and helped with the tricky parts. Afterward we all had to give the cookies a taste test and they passed with flying colors. Yum!!!


MaryAnne said...

your cookies are adorable!

Happy Easter!

April said...

Sugar cookies are my favorite... with frosting. I'm coming over with a little girl in white gloves so we can have a sugar cookie sewing tea party. K? K!

Dawn said...

Come on over....we would so love to have you guys! The cookies are all gone by now but we can make some more....maybe umbrella cookies in honor of all the rain we are having.


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