Monday, March 2, 2009

We Have White Stuff On The Ground In VA!!!

Yup, last night we actually got some snow. Mind you it's only about 2", which for me is a joke! Growing up in upstate NY I know all about snow and Lots of it. I can clearly remember my mom bundling me up to send me off to school in a blizzard. Packaged in layer after layer of warm clothes. winter coat, snow pants, hat, mittens, scarf, etc. All you could see under it all was two little eyes peeking out. I remember the snowbanks being so high you couldn't see over them and the hum of snow plows through the night. Not too many get the experience of "lake effect snow", but I can tell you it's serious stuff! Now we live in VA and not too far from the ocean so we rarely even see snow. Dh and I were saying just the other day that our kids are so snow deprived. We really need to take them to the Mountains so they can experience what "real" snow is like. They need to be able to build their first snowman, make snow angels, have a snowball fight and of course go sledding. This morning they woke up to a winter wonderland in their eyes and were jumping out of their skin with excitement. Sadly, they are all still getting over nasty colds and they don't have snow gear to bundle up in anyway. So today I am the bad mommy and they are all mad at me because they can't go out and play in it. Trust me, seeing those sad little faces and listening to them complain all day is not my idea of fun either. But what really cracks me up is that everything has shut down. Dh's lab, schools, Dr's offices, even local govt. offices.....all for 2" of snow!!!


:) said...

I am jealous! We were so excited when we saw the huge storm come our way...and then, no snow! Have fun!

Amy said...

Yep... 2 inches of snow in DFW will literally close down the town! LOL I'm not complaining...I don't know how to drive in that stuff and neither do too many other Texans!

Enjoy your snow day and hopefully everyone will be well enough to enjoy it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

We had somethng like five inches here. I'd gladly have sent it all your way. :)


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