Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Playstand

This year as a part of Abby's birthday present we asked our friends at Kinderhaus Toys to custom make Abby a play stand. It's something I have wanted to have for the kids for a very long time and now at last we have one. I cannot tell you what a beautiful job KC did creating this and the kids love it. Currently it is a grocery store, but I love that it can be anything they imagine it to be. A Post Office, bank, flower shop, Ice cream stand, etc. etc. the possibilities are endless. I plan to make up Thematic boxes which contain all kinds of goodies that go along with the various ideas that we come up with. For instance, in the Post Office box I plan to put in envelopes, pretend stamps, mailing boxes, stickers, etc. I'm going to go to the USPS to gather some free Priority stuff for them to play with...gotta love the free stuff. Otherwise I am sure I will find tons of goodies at the dollar store. I am not going to keep these boxes out all the time, instead I am going to save them for rainy days or for times when they need something "new" to get their imagination going.

The Playstand is the perfect addition to our new playroom. Over the past few weeks we have slowly transformed our loft from our home office into a playspace for the kids. It's a very long, and ugly story, but we have managed to turn it around and now this space is being used in a much more suitable way. The kids love it and so do Ole and I.

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