Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Big Thank You!!!

I really want to thank all of you for coming to visit my Blog. The other day I installed a new widget to my blog so that I could see if I was getting any traffic or not because I really had no idea, except for the few friends and family members who come to check in on us. But WOW!!! was I super surprised to see that I am actually getting a lot more visitors than I thought, and from all over the world! Gotta love the power of the web. Now every time I come to check in I am anxious to see where my latest bloggy friend is from. Everywhere from right down the street to China! Thank You all so much and please leave more comments I really enjoy reading them!!!



Stephanie said...

I have you linked on my blog so I can tell when you update and Emily's Easter dress is based on one you made Abbie during you Jane Austin phase.

Dawn said...

Stephanie, Thank you so much. I am so flattered that you were inspired by one of my designs. I just checked your blog, but you don't have a picture of it up yet. I would love to see it when it's complete. Please let me know so i can go take a peek!


Stephanie said...

I just put some up. She does not like to change clothes so she's angry but don't worry she likes it.

Sharon said...

Oh....I'm here! You know I only found you recently but I plan on hanging around! ;)


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