Friday, November 14, 2008

Meet Tom

In preparation for Thanksgiving in two more weeks I decided to add even more fun to our table and make a turkey. Yup, he's stuffed, but not with a yummy traditional stuffing but rather with cotton. The kids are in love with him and he is now an official member of our family. I started designing him early this afternoon and here is is completed just 5 hours later. I really just used my imagination with pattern..only ingenuity.

Made all from stuff I had laying around he didn't cost a dime. He stands approxemently 2' tall and is weighted with rice so he sits up nice and straight. His wings and feathers are all completely quilted and he has a cute little red ric-rac wattle. Tom is all dressed for the holiday and wearing spiffy little spats ( my version of those paper thingys that some people put on their turkey legs to dress them up) and a green velvet bow tie.

He will now forever be a part of our family's Thanksgiving traditions. I just know the kids will talk about him in the years to come and he will be treasured.


Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me. Tom is so darned cool! And I love your holiday decorations, too.

Dawn said...

Thanks Mary!!! He is kinda cute...isn't he!? Now the kids want me to make Tom a wife....hmmm, looks like "Hen-riette" is next on my sewing list.


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