Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Little Trip To The Beach

Hard to believe it's the 1st of November and the weather is warm enough for shorts. I decided to break in my new camera by taking the three oldest to the beach for a little photo shoot. What a perfect day! All the trees are changing, yet it was still warm enough for the kids to stick their toes in the water and play in the sand. I took tons of pictures, but I am still getting used to my new SLR and I have a lot to learn, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! We had so much fun. Sadly, Henry didn't come along. He has a miserable cold so he stayed at home and napped with Papi. Probably a "good thing" in more ways than one. I am sure he would have been in the water and I would have had to dive in to go get him. After wards the kids and I went for an ice cream and then back home. It's been a perfect day.

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